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The Giannini Family

Gemma was introduced by a Passionist priest to the virtuous Giannini Family. This family headed by Chevalier Matthew Giannini, consisted of a father, mother, the father’s sister Cecilia and twelve children. Gemma became very close to the pious Signora Cecilia Giannini, who eventually persuaded the head of the family to “adopt” Gemma. Gemma spent the last four years of her life living at the Giannini house. This was definitely God’s will as it provided Gemma with a “Haven of Rest” and healthy spiritual environment where Gemma could advance more easily in the way of perfection.

Several years later after Gemma’s death, the Pope who canonized her (Pope Pius XII) wrote, “In the year 1899 the outstanding mercy and modesty of Gemma evoked such great admiration from a very pious family of Lucca, called Giannini, that they invited her into their home to be accepted as their daughter.”