~ catholic priest ~
Father Germano, C.P.

Gemma had acquired, through Divine Providence, the Spiritual Director Father Germano of St. Stanislaus C.P.

In a letter written to her confessor Monsignor Volpi, Gemma related how she was first acquainted with Father Germano through a vision … She wrote, “ … I said a special prayer to Jesus in the Sacrament … I felt internally recollected and soon lost myself. I found myself before Jesus but He was not alone. He had with Him a man with white hair; by his habit I knew him to be a Passionist priest; he had his hands joined and he prayed fervently. I looked at him and Jesus spoke these words, “Daughter, do you know him?” I said no, as was true. “See,” He added, “this priest will be your director, and he will be the one who will recognize in you the infinite works of My mercy.”

Note: This white haired priest was Father Germano who would play such an important role in God’s plan for St. Gemma’s Life.