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Passionists Convent in Lucca

Gemma, shortly before her death, prophesied in detail the establishment of a Passionists Convent in Lucca which at the time seemed nearly impossible. Regarding the proposed convent Gemma related to Father Germanus that Jesus had told her to tell him (Father Germanus) to go to Rome and speak to the Pope of this desirable work. After her death Father Germanus followed Gemma’s advice and on October 02, 1903 met with Pope (St.) Pius X who graciously received him. The Pope was pleased with the idea of the Passionist Nuns Convent in Lucca and granted his full approval for it to be built. The Monastery was built and named after St. Gemma. St. Gemma’s body is entombed on the altar of this sanctuary. One can also find the tombs of her spiritual director Venerable Germanus and St. Gemma’s confessor Monsignor Volpi in the same holy chapel.